5e Background: The Legendary Survivor

5e Background: The Legendary Survivor

A Uniquely Earned Backstory For 5e

A Legendary Survivor is a background like none-other in 5e. It marks the character as one who has had the call to adventure thrust upon them with no training, and survived to tell the tale. A desperate commoner forged in the heat of danger, they have come out more than they were before. Their thirst for treasure and glory discovered, they leave their old lives behind and seek their fortune on their own terms.

For a breakdown on the merits and challenges of using this background and character generation method read Earning Your Background.

Unlike other backgrounds Legendary Survivor is a background crafted for each character. Each player EARNS this background by generating their character through the following method.

  1. Roll characters EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED in the quickstart rules.
  2. If the character was a human roll a d12 to determine if they were a “rare” race.
  3. Play any 0 level adventure you want (Or write your own! We did)

Rare Races Table


Become a Legend

  1. Pick your favorite surviving character.
  2. Write down Legendary PROFESSION/OCCUPATION Survivor of 0 Level Adventure as your background.
  3. Gain proficiency in your profession weapon, tools and anything related to your profession.
  4. Pick adventuring class!
  5. Add max result possible on class hit die to current hit dice.
  6. Convert “Personality” into charisma or wisdom.
  7. Duplicate third highest ability score, and put into missing ability score(One not chosen in step 8).
  8. Spend 1 point of luck to increase another
    ability score by one to a maximum of 18 + racial modifier for that
    ability score.
    Example: A Dragonborn has a max strength of +2 for total MAX of 20.
    DO NOT add racial adjustments into ability scores, racial modifiers only increase ability score maximums at this stage under this system.
  9. Add all the ability scores, and subtract 66. If this number is positive add this to your luck and repeat the previous step.
  10. Mark down any class abilities you got at level one as per normal 5e Character Creation