Starting Out With DCC

Starting Out With DCC

Starting DCC RPG is a great way to get into playing tabletop RPGs. We’re going to give you the quick and dirty way to start. Before you know it you’ll be recounting the great stories of your adventures to everyone else.

The Four Things You Need To Play

The Rules, Dice, Players, and an Adventure!

Dungeon Crawl Classics - Role Playing Game - Glory and Gold Won By Sorcery and Sword
  • The Rules – Download the free Quick Start Rules from Goodman Games.
  • Dice –  Easy to find in a game shop or on Amazon; just look for “d20 dice”. An even cheaper option may be a die roller; you can find many online. If you’re playing online with friends we recommend Roll20 as a virtual tabletop. We use it on Sundays in our weekly Twitch D&D game!
  • Players – Friends, family, classmates or even jump into our discord and see if anyone is looking to play a game!
  • Adventure – You’ll want a “zero level” or “funnel” adventure to start. There is already one in the quick-start guide, and we published our own adventure Sword in the Jungle Deep (Indiana Jones meets The Dirty Dozen on quests to clear your name and retrieve an ancient artifact!).
  • Extra Credit Supplies
    • Pencils and Paper – Useful for notes and writing all kinds of things down.
    • Drinks – Playing is thirsty work.

Playing The Game

Before you meet with the players make sure to read a bit on the adventure. For now you shouldn’t need to read it end to end, but try to read at least the first half so you’re ready for the part they will likely get to on their first session.

The next step is to grab your friends and roll up some characters! You should have about 12 characters split between your players for a zero level. Don’t worry, life is hard in a funnel, and those numbers will thin fast!  You can let your players help you roll them up , or our friends at Purple Sorcerer Games have you covered with their Free Level 0 Character Generator which can generate the whole party in a couple clicks!

You’re Ready!

That’s all you need! You’re ready to start the adventure! If you’re still nervous about starting we recommend watching (at least) the first couple of episodes of Matthew Colville’s Running The Game series on YouTube.

Running The Game