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Soul for the Ocean Dark

A New Adventure Of Mythical Proportions

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We love tabletop role-playing games.

We’ve rounded up a passionate team of RPG-loving writers, editors, and artists, and formed The Keep Studios.
We develop our own creations to share the hobby we love with you!


  • Create original immersive experiences that keep you excited and engaged
  • Give you the tools to create something of your very own
  • Help you explore new worlds with friends new and old


The Keep Studios has been playing d20 RPGs(role-playing games) together for years. Every so often, we create fantastic story ideas that we burn to share! After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we crafted our first adventure: Sword in the Jungle Deep. This game taught us a lot about adventure production, and we’re using this experience to expand our catalog even further.

Get Ready For YOUR Adventure

Don’t just imagine your epic awesome backstory. LIVE it.

It’s like The Dirty Dozen meets Indiana Jones.

Get ready to fight for your freedom, and find your glory in the our latest adventure.

Play as convicted criminals sentenced to serve as soldiers in a suicide mission. Work together with your friends to retrieve the legendary artifact. Survive beasts, monsters and long forgotten dangers.

Players each start with a team, and try to get their favorite out alive. Life is cheap in the jungle though, and death is switft and merciless. Welcome to the jungle…

Sword in the Jungle Deep is a DCC RPG 0 Level Funnel Adventure which throws you straight into the fun of playing with your friends.

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