Sword in the Jungle Deep – Softcover


Sword in the Jungle Deep

A level 0 adventure for DCC RPG


Seek Glory Within The Jungle Caldera Of A Sleeping Volcano

Clear Your Name, Or Die Trying

A Level 0 Adventure for DCC RPG

South of the famed city of Caster’s Crossing lies a jungle rife with dreadful perils and savage predators, known by the locals as Erset La Tari.

Adventurers crave the bounty of treasures and powerful artifacts said to be lost in the depths of this treacherous place; many have lost their lives trying to uncover them.

Now a band of conscripted prisoners  forced to best the horrors lurking in this dark place. Will they be able survive and perhaps unearth the prodigious power said to be hidden in the depths of Erset La Tari?

Sword in the Jungle Deep is a stand-alone adventure for any world with a thick lush jungle; it can also be used to start your own epic campaign in the exciting and dangerous fantasy realm of Caster’s Crossing.

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