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A d20 RPG is a “Pen and Paper” tabletop game typically played with a group of 2-8 players. The name comes from the twenty sided die(the “d20”) used in the game to check for success or failure. Players gather together to collectively tell a story powered by their imagination and driven by a the dice.

You’ve almost certainly heard of at least one d20 RPG game. The most well known is the original game Dungeons and Dragons. D&D, as it is known, was developed in the ’70s by Gary Gygax and David Arneson. It is currently up to it’s 5th official edition to critical and fan acclaim. When wizards published the 3rd edition and released the rules which the game runs on under the OGL they started the “Pen and Paper Renaissance”. 

Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) RPG is a d20 RPG that was crafted as a homage to the earliest editions of D&D. It is a return to combating capricious dice as much as monsters. Players delve into dungeons and exotic locations for treasure and glory.

DCC has a few unique features which set it apart from D&D. Players start with not one character, but several. The first adventure played is called a “Funnel”. This is a “coming of age” tale and a time of desperate survival, where the life is cheap and only the heroic survive.

Characters are generated almost completely by rolls of the dice. This liberates players from the catch-22 of needing to know how to play to build their characters before they play. Characters are not yet heroes, so they are easy to relate to and easier to play.

Here at The Keep Studios we LOVE funnels as a method of creating characters. It’s a fantastic way for new players to jump in and get straight to the meat of the game. Don’t just write your backstory… LIVE your backstory.

While we don’t make anything specifically for D&D (as this takes special licensing and review), we do make 5e SRD compatibility guides. If you play any 5e game, we work to make sure you can use our books in your game.

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It’s easy! If this is your very first time we recommend DCC RPG. This is such a common question we wrote an article about starting out with DCC. The tl;dr – Get the Quick Start Rules from Goodman Games, some players, some dice and an adventure to run.

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We’re your buddy on the couch, who’s been playing these games for years. With DECADES of GM-ing experience, and ALL of our streamers being d20 players if you have a question we have thoughts that can help.

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  • OGL – The Open Game License which opens up the d20 game to the community
  • SRD – The System Reference Document which defines the rules which have been released
  • 3e and 5e – The third edition and the fifth edition releases of the SRD

All of this adds up to us being able to make awesome content for your d20 games.

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